The smart way to invest

Realiz marketplace offers opportunities for buyers and
issuers to increase their assets.End to End solution

Equity for issuers - Returns for buyers - Liquidity for all

Why ?


Being a marketplace manager enables us to offer an end-to-end solution,

from the tokenization process to the market making and the provision of a secondary market


Virtual Asset Service Provider*

Investment firm license*
KYC and AML processes for safe onboarding

*Under the regulatory framework of the European securities market authority with a tied agent agreement

Geographical Reach

A senior team with a strong focus in Europe and Asia, our goal is to create a global market to help investors redefine the limits of investing. Based in France, we have an office in Japan and opening soon in Monaco, Austria and UAE


Extensive property search around the world in the best locations.

We focus on a wide range of assets for diversity optimization, but always with a proper due diligence

Grow your wealth
at your fingertip

We believe investments should be open to all individuals, and asset owners should be able to free their equity in order to further contribute to global development.

Access a market place full of investment opportunities and the exact asset you want to invest in !

Open opportunities

How we do it


Connect asset owners who want to free some equity with investors looking for assessed investments


Digitized securities with the highest standards available on the market

Buy, Sell, Trade

Intuitive marketplace with strong due diligence, KYC, and AML processes

Sell with Us

Realiz connects global asset owners to European investors

We can give you

  • Access to capital for growth
  • Increased liquidity of your asset on primary markets
  • Alternative strategies to your development

With the flexibility to find a customised solution matching yours needs

  • Due diligence and assessment of your assets
  • Dedicated team to assist you on the journey

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Our smart way to Invest

Very Easily

From your office, your living room or during your subway ride, you can easily browse our investment opportunities and choose directly from the marketplace which one you want to invest in.

All needed information is available directly on the asset card: price, location, history, valuation, risk positioning…

Want to free your equity? Contact us and our experts will guide you through.

Around the World

With Realiz, there are no more limits to increase your portfolios. We want to offer you: freedom.

Our investment opportunities are in the best locations in the world: London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Monaco…

No more local legal constraints, paperwork, multiple overpriced intermediaries, you can now achieve everything you have always dreamed of with a simple click.

Free your Equity

Realiz connects global asset owners to European investors, from individual citizen to professional investors with an entry ticket of only 500 euros

And for absolute freedom, all your assets will never have been so liquid thanks to blockchain technology.

About Us

Working on the project since 2019, we have put together a team of experts from around the world to combine knowledge, creativity and expertise in order to create an innovative marketplace.

People are the core of our company, and we want to introduce positive changes in the investment world to make a better tomorrow.

We count on strategic trusted advisors with targeted knowledge in particular industry or with a specific expertise.

To be global, we need to be local. This is why we are developing branches to better address a fast-changing market and identify the best opportunities.

Want to be a part of the adventure ? Join us !

Our Values

Strive for excellence and not for perfection

Contribute to a sustainable future

Satisfy our customers with innovative solutions

Collaborate with team members and partners to achieve more

Have the sense of ownership and do what’s need to be done

Work - life balance for well being

Achieve your dreams